Case Studies and Reports

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Projects ranging from residential retrofit to subdivision and site planning exercises have been completed. These reports are presented here in abbreviated format, and show the scope of rainwater system design work undertaken by KDA. Some projects are described anonymously at the request of the client, mainly due to approval processes currently underway.


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Understanding how rainwater harvesting and management relates to the world we know is an important step in developing technical skills. Background work examining the in's and out's of rainwater supply and demand, and the mechanisms for applying that to system design, is presented here.

Information and Links

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There is a lot of information available on rainwater harvesting. Some of the most pertinent links, and access to rainwater organizations, are included here, along with details of climate change, regulations and standards, and other factors that influence rainwater harvesting across Canada.

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RESEARCH, TRAINING, and EDUCATION in rainwater harvesting and management

  • My first blog post, bear with me….. It has been proclaimed in a DIY rainwater system video that even asphalt roof runoff can be considered potable water. This is erroneous, and can be grossly misleading to followers of well-intentioned gurus in spite of their qualifications and successes. Potable water is water fit for human consumption, […]

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